Yuriko Yamaguchi (山口 由里子?, Yamaguchi Yuriko; born November 21, 1965 in Osaka) is a Japanese voice actress currently affiliated with Aoni Production and previously affiliated with Vi-Vo. She is also credited as Mai Kannazuki, Shibatoshi Kurauchi, Mayuko Kuriyama and Botan Izumi. She has lent her voice since the 1990s to anime, films, drama CDs, and video games. Her major roles include Ritsuko Akagi in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nico Robin in One Piece, Orochimaru in Naruto, Sonia in Eureka Seven, and Nurse Joy in Pokémon, among others.

She was the Japanese voice of Mayor Ninamori's Secretary in FLCL.