Mabase (マバセ?) is a fictional Japanese city that is very ordinary, with the exception for the presence of the giant Medical Mechanica building shaped like an iron. Mabase is the main setting of the original OVA series and one of its two sequel series, FLCL Progressive.

Like most towns and cities, Mabase has schools, businesses and neighborhoods. There is also a large river running through the town, spanned by several bridges and train tracks.

Besides the MM plant, other locations within Mabase include:

  • Mabase Bridge
  • Nandaba family home and bakery
  • Mabase Elementary School
  • Shinden High School
  • The Ninamori family home
  • The Moniwa store
  • A baseball field
  • A hair salon
  • Cafe Bleu
  • The Masamune family liquor store
  • Hibajiri family home and Café Hibari
  • The unnamed high school of Progressive
  • A garbage dump
  • Slum neighborhoods
  • A hospital