Kan Sudo (須藤・カン?, Sudō Kan) is the teacher of Kana and her friends' homeroom class in FLCL Alternative.

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Kan Sudo is a fairly average teacher with a striking appearance. If not for his lax attitude and wicked side, his short screen time would be rather uninteresting. He connects with the young cast through his teaching style and respect for them.

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Along with a laid-back and youthful appearance, Kan is also a laid-back teacher who has an understanding of young people. This results in a mutual respect between him and his students, who are well-behaved, save for the occasional outbursts. He appears calm, even when raising his voice during those times to reign in his class, and is never seen reprimanding them in any way. He also has a sort of wicked side that adds a little flair to his way of teaching. He motivates his class to give their attention to what would be a mundane call to action to attend a basketball game from Aida and Sasaki by calling it a surprise and having an intriguing wild look. He uses this expression when reminding his students to complete work as well, though one conversation with Kana on the subject shows he is understanding and flexible with due dates. He does, however, add difficult subjects to tests last-minute just for his amusement. He expresses his respect of the soon-to-be-adults by talking on a personal level rather than as an authority and seems to see potential in them all equally. When the Earth is about to be destroyed, Kan stays and continues his job as a teacher to the couple students who bother to spend their last day following societal routines, though he seems to share their disinterest that comes with only being there in form rather than spirit.

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Kan is a fairly young-looking teacher with a sharp jawline. He has thick brown eyebrows with a slight downward curve, messy brown hair somewhat similar to a bowl cut, and eyes that are bordering between a dark blue and grey. He wears casual clothes, such as a light-blue polo shirt and jeans, to work. At basketball games he dons a black sports jacket, and he is shown to be surprisingly muscular while relaxing in a speedo during the class pool break.

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