Hinae Hibajiri (ヒバジリ・ヒナエ?, Hibajiri Hinae) is the mother of Hidomi Hibajiri and owner of the Cafe Hibari, their in-house café.

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Hinae Hibajiri, a dedicated mother to Hidomi, makes her daughter's meals and insists on a morning greeting, as well as other manners. Unlike Hidomi, she seems very cheerful, even whilst brandishing a knife or pondering about her absentee husband. She becomes a culinary teacher to Julia Jinyu after hiring her on as a maid and café staff.

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Hinae is a very cheerful and bubbly person, both inside and out, a stark contrast to her daughter. She even holds this demeanor when talking about Hidomi's father or using a knife to get a simple morning greeting out of her. She's not one to hold a grudge, forgiving Jinyu overnight for hitting Hidomi with a car and hiring her to make up for it. When teaching Jinyu how to prepare meals, she puts a big emphasis on a positive customer experience and doesn't fault her for making a mess during the learning process. Later in the season, she begins to grow tired of waiting for Hidomi's father to come home, proposing shutting down the café and moving to her daughter, much to her devastation. After coming into contact with her after she disappears in Our Running, Hidomi and Hinae have a heart-to-heart, resulting in deciding to run the café together for themselves, as opposed to keeping it open on the dwindling hope of her father coming back like before. She also helps escort Aiko to save the city from the Medical Mechanica factory.

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Hinae is a short, youthful-looking woman with a messy, brown bob cut and slightly-darker brown eyes. She sports a bright, turquoise, long-sleeved shirt under her café's apron. The apron is a full-length white apron with pastel-yellow details, including straps, small pockets at thigh height, and a slightly-longer layer beneath, as well as a matching duck between the orange words "Cafe HIBARI".

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  • The name "Hibari" phonetically translates to "ひばり" in Japanese, or "lark," a type of bird somewhat resembling the bird on Hinae's apron.
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