Harumi (ハル美?, Haru Bi) is an audio drama and Track 11 on the second album of the FLCL soundtrack. It is the sequel to Mamiko (Drama). Naota is now in high school, and a female classmate comes over to his house. Her name is Harumi and she reminds him of Haruko in many ways. Harumi wants to sleep with Naota, but when a new horn grows on his head he tries to get away.

English TranslationEdit

(A door opens)
Harumi: this is Naota's room... so this is how a boy's room looks like...
Naota: Hey, Haruko, don't peek under my bed.
Harumi: Haruko? Who's that?
Naota: Oh...sorry. You look a little bit like someone I knew...
Harumi: Oh no! I'm Ha-ru-mi. Harumi, your classmate, right?
Naota: Yeah, yeah, that's right. (But she looked really good in her school uniform)
Harumi: Hey, Naota...
Naota: Yes?
Harumi: We're already high school students, huh?
Naota: (Here it comes!)
Harumi: H-i-g-h S-c-h-o-o-l S-t-u-d-e-n-t.
Naota: (I wonder if we could skip over these steps?)
Harumi: They're not here today.
Naota: Yes?
Harumi: Both mom and dad...they're not coming home today. So we'll be alone in this house tonight.
Naota: Yes... but then...isn't this my home?
Harumi: This is my first time.
Naota: From my experience, this sounds fishy.
Harumi: Taro, could this possibly be your first time too?
Naota: Did you just say Taro?
Harumi: What's that bandage on your forehead?
Naota: You did say Taro, didn't you?
Harumi: Can I take it off?
Naota: Huh?
Harumi: Let me take it off?
Naota: isn't good.
Harumi: But, I'm taking it off...
Naota: Oh! I'm going home! Umm...I have to feed the cat.
Harumi: This is your house, isn't it? I'm removing your bandage.
Naota: Oh! No, no, don't do it!
(The sound of a bandage being peeled off)
Harumi: It's true...just like the rumor... it's totally different from Gaku or Masashi's...
Naota: So anyway, didn't you say this was your first time?

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