FooL on CooL generation is the fourth soundtrack from the anime series FLCL. All of the music is by Japanese rock group The Pillows. This fourth album includes music which can be found in the FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative anime series, released together as part of the dual-theatrical showings of both series in Japan.

Track listing:Edit

  1. "Spiky Seeds"
  2. "I think I can"
  3. "Third eye"
  4. "MY FOOT"
  5. "She stood like the engel"
  6. "white summer and green bicycle, red hair with black guitar"
  7. "Freebee Honey"
  8. "Nonfiction (Instrumental)"
  9. "Fool on the planet"
  11. "The sun that will not rise"
  13. "Thank you, my twilight"
  14. "Star Overhead"


  • The album was released with exclusive FLCL cover art referencing Haruko and the tracks included in a combination of English and French.
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