Eye Patch (アイ・パッチ?, Ai patchi) is a character in FLCL Progressive. His real name is never revealed. Eye Patch is a member of the Bureau of Interstellar Immigration.


Eye Patch is a homeless dreamer who loves to make boxing puns. He is good friends with Masurao. Together, they work at restoring Canti and occasionally check in on Tonkichi's work via video call. While the others seem to have individual projects, such as fathering Aiko or building a secret weapon, Eye Patch lacks a definitive project. He helps Masurao quite a bit, however, and can be an eye on the ground due to his unassuming appearance. It is revealed that Eye Patch somehow acquired Canti from the Nandaba household, using it to utilize N.O. energy.


Eye Patch is a highly energetic old man who is homeless and obsessed with boxing. He references and makes puns to it in almost every single one of his statements. He has a high sense of belief in the youth that they can "become pros". He thinks he can find that potential on the streets, but never does. He seems to have a bit of knowledge about Canti, having somehow acquired him from the Nandaba family in a completely dismantled state. He's a long-time member of the Bureau of Interstellar Immigration, much like Masurao's father, Amarao, although he appears to be undercover.


His nickname is derived from the black eye patch over his right eye. He has black eyes, a long nose, and a fully coated white beard, but lacks a mustache. He only has four teeth in his mouth and frequently drools as a result. He wears a green cloak covering most of his body with tan pants. He also wears plain sandals, if any footwear at all, and uses a dark wood cane.



Eye Patch works closely with Masurao as part of the Bureau, using his house as a home base of sorts. They talk about their plans, communicate with Tonkichi, and keep Canti's head and arms on display on a cross, similar to Jesus Christ, inside a high-tech room. They take Canti to a facility in the nearby town of Oozu for rebuilding in episode 5, and are next seen pinned under Masurao's house during the destruction of the city in episode 6. They die together as the mochi mummifies them, but are freed once the Medical Mechanica iron is stopped and brought back to life.


Unlike the closeness he seems to have with Masurao, Eye Patch is all business with his other coworker. They are only shown communicating when Eye Patch calls for updates on the soon-to-be-weaponized amusement park Tonkichi is covertly building and testing for the Bureau. He frequently finds himself having to refocus Tonkichi's attention when he gets too immersed in the Mr. Dodo persona during their video calls.


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