Musical weapons are the signature weapons of the FLCL series. They resemble and appear to function as classic guitars and basses in their appearance, but Haruko often refers to them as bats and uses them in a similar manner, causing it to become a common nickname for any musical-based weapon in the series. They appear to have a connection to N.O., as seen when Haruko used hers to open portals in people’s heads, such as Naota and Ide by hitting them with it, and can be summoned through an N.O. channel. She can also use hers to fly and as a weapon in her battles. When using Atomsk’s power, Naota could summon his Flying V along with Atomsk’s Gibson and even merge them into one weapon. Some have a cord that they pull to activate certain functions, similar to a lawnmower.

A real baseball bat was also used by Naota in the episode Full Swing where it plays a significant part in the episode's plot. Naota learns to use his guitar as a bat because of this.


Rickenbacker 4001Edit

Owner(s): Haruko Haruhara, Naota Nandaba

Debut: Fooly Cooly (episode)

Gibson Flying VEdit

Owner(s): Naota Nandaba, Julia Jinyu, Ko Ide

Debut: Full Swing

Gibson EB-0Edit

Owner(s): Atomsk, Naota Nandaba, Haruko Haruhara, Canti

Debut: Brittle Bullet

Fender JazzmasterEdit

Owner(s): Julia Jinyu

Debut: RE: Start

B.C. Rich BichEdit

Owners: Hidomi Hibajiri

Debut: Our Running

1967 Model MustangEdit

Owner(s): Haruko Haruhara

Debut: Freebie Honey, Flying Memory (redesigned)


All bats seem to share most, if not all, of the same properties. They can fly, effect N.O. channels, and are more durable than regular guitars so they usually do not break when hitting or blocking extreme force. However, the preview for FLCL Alternative showed Haruko breaking her 1967 Mustang after slicing it through a robot and hitting the ground, a clip from the tail-end of episode six, showing that they have a limit to how much punishment they can take before breaking. Haruko and Jinyu modify a saw function onto theirs, and some episodes of the original series and Alternative show a gun and cannon function Haruko also added in those respective series. Naota's Flying V also has a motor and ripcord on the back, hinting at a saw function that he never utilizes.




  • Although Atomsk owns a guitar, he himself is never shown to use it.